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Perfect  Timing

Time is something that can go by fast when we're young and then slow down as we get older.  Time is something that is secured to your wrist or hung from your neck, but you can never quite put your finger on every minute of it.  Time moves slowly when you're board and moves fast when you're occupied.  Time can get lost or you can find the time to do more things.  Time serves as a memory chip for different times in your life.  time can be managed and time can get lost.  Time manufactured is called "daylight time."  When time returns to "normal" it is called "standard" time.  Time has a father.  Time can be an herb with a different spelling.  Time is energetic 11 it can run too fast or be running out.  Time is usually precious, unless you are doing time.  Time out... it's time I went to bed.

The Art of Love

The art of love

is not an art

but loving yourself

with another human being.

It is not sketched, nor put to peoples view.

It's a masterpiece...between two.

Sweet Scented Doom

During the sweet scented summers

when the sky is painted blue,

We love to lay in slumber

and watch the flowers bloom.

If you close your eyes and listen,

You'll find that nature seems to speak

Blowing advice of peace that isn't

but how to grow it to its peak.

But we take our world for granted

and put natures messages to doom.

While we lazily lay in slumber,

and watch the flowers bloom.


by Marilyn Thoms - Published

If only

people could be as tranquil as the well balanced creations surrounding them.

Water reflects the truth -- so should we.

Leaves shed the old -- maybe.

Nature is simplicity -- there should be no need for shyness.

Is the sun blocking your view from within?

Or are you peering from one eye to discover

another side to me that you only wished existed?

Walking the States

Walking the states

Lovin love

Hatin' hate

seeing scenes

spacing space

Finding few

timing time

someone's sharin' 

feelin' fine.

People populating

marking mistakes

wanderers wondering

walking the states.

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